D.J. at the All New 99BBF (98.9fm)
(*station has changed format and call letters)
Warren does the announcing, spins the oldies, rock, country and disco!!!!!

We are constantly involved in the music scene. Most D.J.'s in town work at other jobs not related to being a D.J.
So ask yourself, wouldn't you rather hire a D.J. that is experienced and is involved in his work FULL TIME?

After all, you wouldn't hire a D.J. to fix your leaking pipes, right?

These are the places WARREN has worked over the last 20 years:



Warren is also a First Class Licensed Engineer by the F.C.C.

All work involved is in audio & electronic engineering, good experience to have with the high tech. equipment we use.

Warren will get "out in the crowd" and get you & your guest involved in the party!!!!!

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WARREN at the 1998 Western N.Y. Cheerleading Contest with a Buffalo Jill. JAM-N-STAM provided music for the event.

Warren on vacation at the
hottest night spot in Las Vegas !!